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About Us

Fethard Community Development Association (FCDA) was established in 2006 to bring together representatives from all local organisations and groups to focus on the broader and more strategic development of the area. FCDA’s main aim is to liaise with the Community to make the most of the existing assets we have and to develop new services and facilities that would positively impact on both local residents and visitors. We also wish to ensure that a cohesive and strategic approach is taken to any development.

A number of initiatives were completed by the Association including the development of the local Ashgrove Amenity Park in 2011 through signing a lease with Wexford County Council and raising €20,000 towards its development.

In December 2017, FCDA held a Public Meeting to discuss the long-term strategic needs of the community of Fethard on Sea. The meeting, held in St Mary’s Hall on 13 December 2017, was attended by over 50 local people. Wexford County Council was represented by Ger Mackey and Cllr Martin Murphy.

At this Public Meeting a commitment was made to undertake a Community Survey of local people which included a questionnaire and suggestion box. This consultation process was well received and a significant number of suggestions and responses were submitted.

Based on the Survey results and in conjunction with Wexford County Council and a Consultant, FCDA completed a Five-Year Plan.

The Five-Year Plan focuses on 12 key themes for development in the Village. These include

  • Fethard Castle / Grounds & other Heritage Buildings Development
  • Walking Trails
  • Community Facilities & Services
  • Social Enterprises
  • Maritime Village Public Realm Works
  • Road and Village Infrastructure

This video was produced with the aid of a grant from the Dormant Accounts Fund

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